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Wendy Griffith co-anchors CBN Newswatch, a daily 30-minute newscast seen throughout the United States. I’ve been in broadcast journalism for many many years and CBN is a great place to work. What do you think the impact of this high rate of singleness is having on the church and Christian ministries today? There are a lot of families present, but it seems like the men come only after they’re married.

She also co-anchors Christian World News, which is seen weekly around the world on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Wendy welcomes your feedback about this discussion at [email protected] Please tell us about some of your work with CBN Newswatch, Christian World news, and The 700 Club. I am a news anchor at Christian Broadcasting Network. The ultimate goal, of course, is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. Well, I am looking at this from the “glass half-full” perspective and thinking that my chances of meeting someone are better if there are that many singles out there! The few guys that are there usually aren’t the “manly” men that I know I’m looking for.

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What are your thoughts about this online phenomenon? But, I do believe online dating is a great tool and has been for so many couples.

» In the years that we have been online, we’ve had over two million Christian singles join Christian, mostly from the US and Canada.

I think that the “church” has gotten this backwards in modern times.

So, most churches have programs for lots of different things – but nothing for singles. » We think that ministries and churches need to realise that they have all these singles (up to half their adult members).

Part of our reason for doing these interviews is as a form of education to ministries like CBN to let them know that singles are crying out for programming or teaching about their issues.