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The couple were spotted basking in each other's company after enjoying a romantic swim at a secluded Sydney beach.

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Last month, Marks & Spencer staff were caught branding customers 'idiots' and 'cheap little b******s' in a Facebook forum.

In November, British Airways staff caused uproar by calling passengers 'smelly and annoying', while Virgin Atlantic sacked 13 crew for describing passengers as 'chavs'.

Mr Joyce said he cannot be sure he is the father, but he plans to raise the child as his own. And can I say, even if it wasn't, I wouldn't care, I'd still go through this, I'd still love him,' Mr Joyce said.

The former Nationals leader said the child's paternity it is 'a bit of a grey area', as he was on a trip to Europe with his wife Natalie (left) for the majority of the conception period.

I think it is really sad, it makes them look stupid that they are going to be so petty. I think it's really out of order but there is nothing I can do now.'Miss Swann, from Clacton, had worked as a waitress and in a call centre before being taken on by Ivell Marketing & Logistics, a product development and sourcing company, on February 2.