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Hou Yifan has now completely withdrawn from the World Championship cycle, meaning the chances of the winner in Tehran holding on to the title for more than a year will be much greater.

4th seed Harika Dronavalli reached the semifinals in 2015The mini-matches are going to be intense, so be sure to tune in from Tehran time ( CET) on Saturday for the first games of Round 1.

But more and more women are learning to fight their way through what some people believe are oppressive and degrading cultural laws such as this.

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Female players would be required to wear hijabs, while interaction with male coaches could also contravene local laws.

As for the World Championship in Iran, I decided not to take part, as it’s absolutely obvious that Iran isn’t a suitable country for such a prestigious event.

The prize fund is $450,000, with the new World Champion picking up $60,000, the runner-up $30,000 and first-round losers also taking home $3,750.