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Early trailers show Cher being referred to as "Grandma" by Amanda Seyfried and is therefore, presumably, playing Donna's (Meryl Streep's) mother.

Thinking about trying to slide into Mia Khalifa’s DMs? On Friday afternoon, Mia made a radio appearance on ESPN’s FSU fan—and she was asked, amongst other things, about her DMs.

further climbed the charts with her danceable yet message-driven music, and in 2009 a song she co-wrote for the film M. Soon, though, the contract followed, with British label XL Recordings signing her and officially releasing "Galang" (2003), which reached No.

Her father led a Tamil independence movement and was always on the move avoiding the Sri Lankan government, finally moving to India and then back to London in 1986. Elastica's lead singer, Justine Frischmann, lent M. The demo tape included the single "Galang," which in turn helped her gain a following online before she ever had a record contract. (the name her father adopted when he and his family moved back to Sri Lanka), an album she recorded and produced in her London bedroom.

Her parents are of Sri Lankan Tamil descent, and when she was six months old, her family moved back to Sri Lanka. She moved into the musical realm after filming a documentary of the band Elastica's 2001 tour (having previously done some album artwork for the band). a Roland MC-505 sequencer/drum machine, and she used it to record a demo tape. "Sunshowers" (2004) was the next release, although it failed to chart in the United States.