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There was a point we said we love each other, like in a normal relationship.

Will Ferrell made a raucous comeback to Saturday Night Live this week, with a slapstick opening monologue and lead appearances in every skit of the night.

Common Sense is trying to get families to think about how they use gadgets and media and what it might be doing to, well, the family and its individual and collective psyche.

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Will Ferrell's family members feel like they've lost him. He's been lost to a world of filters that make him look like a cat.

I wish I could help, but I really don't know what he's been doing for the last, oh, five to 10 years. You see, he's so enamored of his phone that he sits with his family at dinner and completely ignores everyone. In new ads for the nonprofit Common Sense, the Ferrell family dinners are dark affairs, populated by unhappy faces. No, this isn't his real family, and the point is clearly made.

Anyone who has experienced Rachelle Ferrell live has melted as Russ has stepped in and performed the Will Downing-duet "Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This" with his sister and torn the place to pieces. " A statement that brought cheers and appreciation from a crowd that immediately realized that it was being offered a different kind of artist, one who not only appreciated his audience but their intellect as well.

Anyone who has experienced this live offering has also noted not only the vocal strength of Russ Barnes, but his considerable frame, honed and sculptured with years of discipline and proving the perfect presence to let everyone know that his physical role was to protect his sister.

Please, honor her courage, honor your compassion and let this be the month you join an effort to change the world." Aniston’s PSA will post online on Friday, followed by spots from other boldfaced names like Ellen Page, Anjelica Huston, Judd Apatow, Sarah Silverman and Sylvester Stallone.