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Using left-eye and right-eye prints and two interlocked projectors, left and right frames were alternately projected, each pair being shown three times to suppress flicker. The show ran for several weeks, apparently doing good business as a novelty (M. The first film, entitled Plastigrams, was distributed nationally by Educational Pictures in the red-and-blue anaglyph format.

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Prints were by Technicolor in red-and-blue anaglyph.

The short is notable for being one of the few live-action appearances of the Frankenstein Monster as conceived by Jack Pierce for Universal Studios outside of their company.

The first film, Audioscopiks, premiered January 11, 1936, and The New Audioscopiks premiered January 15, 1938.

Audioscopiks was nominated for the Academy Award in the category Best Short Subject, Novelty in 1936.

In Paris, Louis Lumiere shot footage with his stereoscopic camera in September 1933.