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Noah spends several scenes of the film wearing only tighty-whities.Cameron & Noah, both known for their roles as gay teens on their respective television series, play their roles in the film with some clear homoeroticism, adding to the film’s tension.The makers mark & assay marks are "rubbed" but this design is recorded in the BHS Compendium ref Nr 40/0093 in 1904 an all-silver STERLING buttonhook by American maker Dominick & Haff who like his contemporary George W Scheibler specialised in all-silver construction button hooks..

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Dating gorham silver marks

a Victorian silver handled BOOT buttonhook with assay mark for Frederick Bradford Mc Crea, the manager of the Army & Navy stores at 118 Victoria Street, London.

The department store supplied generations of military & government personnel who served the British Empire overseas.

The hallmark is for London 1889 and also features Queen Victoria's head.

a rare example of an agate handled BOOT buttonhook with silver collar.

This phrase was used by Queen Anne Boleyn and subsequently her daughter, Queen Elizabeth 1st.