Dating sim video game to be banned katawa shoujo

dating sim video game to be banned katawa shoujo-13

The game itself is decent, and definitely scary enough for a wuss like me. It's a hentai version of Phoenix Wright (which if you haven't played, definitely should do that).

Mike and I never finished it though, because IT NEVER WORKS FOR US! We went into this thinking a dating sim game made by 4chan could be interesting, but we were blown away at how legitimately good it was. It's kind of a terrible game, but hey someone might be into it. **SPOILERS AHEAD IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED THIS GAME** Unless if you don't care, read ahead!

(Not to mention I went into a 24 HOUR stream completely exhausted, I did not realize how hard it was to be funny when you're tired) It was stupidly busy, from finishing the lineup of games to make sure ALL of said games actually worked.

That's probably the main downside to the streaming format, the fact that you can't retroactively fix things; it just all has to work perfectly the first time.

And just for the record: Qoo is best girl, Ell is very close second.

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