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4,000 or 5,000 bucks a month, thanks to Google's advertising platform. running POF off my laptop while travelling around the world—I was vacationing half the time. So, in the span of two weeks, I wrote a dating site on my home PC, and people started signing up.The more people you hire, the more work you get done.

“It was a profitable company and there was no need to raise money.” Frind says Plenty Of Fish, which has 90 million registered users and 3.6 million active daily users, was “immediately profitable.” In 2008, Frind told The New York Times that his website’s net profits were about $10 million a year, and he only worked about 10 hours a week. “As more people than ever use more dating apps than ever with more frequency than ever, Plenty Of Fish’s addition both brings new members into our family of products and deepens the lifetime relationship we have with our users across our portfolio,” he said.

It was just past the dot-com boom, and every six months, I'd join a company and it would go out of business, and I'd jump to the next one and the next one. Because I was jumping from job to job, I needed to spruce up my resumé, and there was a new programming language called ASP. And I thought, Well, I might as well quit my job and do this full-time. It was at 15 million users and $10 million in revenue, and that's when I started hiring employees.

“At the time there was a new programming language called ASP.

NET, and I don’t like reading books, so I just went and created the site in two weeks and then people then people started signing up, much to my surprise. It wasn’t like I had a plan to create a dating site.

for entrepreneurs, especially the younger ones, is to spend time with your spouse.

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