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"We've left millions and millions of dollars on the table," Benjamin recently told Now that the duo has finally come together to celebrate its 20th anniversary, with tour dates planned through October, he's grateful he took the opportunity."I feel good in being able to look at Big Boi and say, ' Hey, man, we did it,'" the rapper said.

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s John Ridley, focuses on Hendrix's life and career from 1966 - '67, climaxing with his legendary performance at the Monterey Pop Festival.

As previously reported, the biopic's soundtrack won't include any of the guitar icon's actual songs, instead featuring covers of songs by the Beatles and Muddy Waters that performed by Hendrix during the years prior to his 1967 debut LP, Fans previously got a wider glimpse of the project with its shred-tastic trailer, which shows Hendrix's journey from a back-up guitarist in New York City to a fashionable scene-setter in London. in January of 2012 and worked with me through April on all aspects of Jimi, from watching video of him to working with a vocal coach to getting as slim and slender as Jimi was at that time period," the writer-director said.

I needed something to focus on to get me out of my depression and rut....

I knew if I got on a train with a lot of different people, then I couldn't let them down."The team behind , finds Hendrix (rapper Andre "3000" Benjamin) and then-girlfriend Kathy Etchingham (Hayley Atwell) engaging in a sarcastic back-and-forth with hostile police.

Ridley has said that the story of their meeting, and Keith’s immediate disbelief at Hendrix’s stunning guitar work, inspired him to focus on the musician’s early days. (“The guy on guitar just completely blew mind,” she says in the latter.) The meeting laid the groundwork for Keith to become Hendrix’s de facto manager.