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When he was around 30 years old, Jesus started his public ministry after being baptized in the Jordan River by the prophet known as John the Baptist. D., although the exact date is debated among theologians.

For about three years, Jesus traveled with 12 appointed disciples, teaching large groups of people and performing what witnesses described as miracles. According to the Bible, Jesus was arrested, tried and condemned to death.

According to scripture, three days after his crucifixion, Jesus’s body was missing.

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Inside the cave there are several stone seats which are believed to have been for the clergy and a circular shaped area, thought to be the apse.

There is also a deep tunnel which is believed to have led to a water source, the archaeologist added.

Paul’s conversion to Christianity after he had a supernatural encounter with Jesus is described in .

Paul preached the gospel and established churches throughout the Roman Empire, Europe and Africa.

According to a report in the Jordan Times newspaper, a very early underground church was found beneath the ancient Saint Georgeous Church, which itself dates back to 230 AD, in Rihab, northern Jordan near the Syrian border.