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"And our bots would kick ass."he fact that AI con artists are up to such tricks isn't surprising or new.

But what's truly phenomenal is the durability of this online hustle, and the millions of saps still falling for it.

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For AFF, bots are a cop out, though the appeal of building them is obvious enough to Conru.

"If I wanted to boost our revenue and move to the Cayman Islands, we could probably double our revenue simply by using bots," he says.

Whether you fall in category A or B, you should never be discouraged.

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For your personal safety, do not ask for or give out your last name, address, phone number, email address, passwords or any of your Facebook, Skype, Yahoo, etc information to any person in this chat room.

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    Mobile and tablet devices do not require require any additional applications.

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    With his toned physique and boyish smile, it is not surprising he has been approached by women as young as 20.

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    In fact, people over 50 are one of the fastest growing segments.

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    She was homeschooled her whole life, raised in a cultic church and with the principles taught by Bill Gothard and IBLP.