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But the United States is a country of immigrants, and we know that individual Americans differ in whether they are high or low context in their approach to language. Because they give us a clue to how and why people and cultures may differ.

So, although knowing the characteristics of a national culture or culture of origin may be useful, we still need to be aware that people mayor may n t behave in line with their ethnic cultures (Amontillados, 1999, p. An essential aspect of communication is being sensitive to needs and differences among us, so we must be aware of the nature of those differences might be.

In low-context cultures, people say what they mean and get right to the point (Unsteady & Satsuma, 1996, pp. So, in a low context culture, “Yes” means” Affirmative, I agree’ with what you Ave said.

The United States has a low-context national culture, as described previously.

Indexing generalizations is the mental and verbal practice of acknowledging that individual cases can differ from the general trend while still allowing us to draw on generalizations.

For instance, we may have a generalized concept of men. To index, (1) consider whether what you want to say is about a specific object, person, or place, or whether it is a generalization about a class to which the object, person, or place belongs.

Formality of Language Language should be’ appropriately formal for the situation.