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The time allows me to get know my students so that I’m able to help them put some part of themselves into their stories.

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They help you through every step of the creative process. Located in eastern Washington not far from the Idaho border, Spokane is home to around 208,000 people, anchoring a metro area of nearly three times that population.

We will team you up with a Hollywood screenwriter who will help you form your idea into a feature length screenplay. Entertainment professionals and celebrities with ties to this area include comedienne Julia Sweeney, crooner/actor Bing Crosby, and actors Craig T. Spokane not only offers urban backdrops for location filming, but is also in driving distance to a number of natural features including mountains, lakes, forests and rivers.

As a hyphenate Producer/Director/Writer/Actor, some of Heppe’s work includes: Production of the docu-drama The Magic Was In The Music, a remake of Short Circuit, adaptations of the 80’s television mini-series V and cop series T. In the world of VO, he’s lent his voice to numerous commercials, both national and regional, and performs several characters on the animated series Da Ge Dar.

Request an Invitation “For a fraction of the price of a university course, students of the Radio, Record and Film Connection receive one-on-one consultation and mentoring from a seasoned film professional.

You will study inside a real film production company in your city as you develop your movie idea with a legendary to filmmaker. He or she is the person that starts the ball rolling down the hill.