usernames for guys on a dating site - Jr dating freshman

I really like my current girlfriend but I don't want to lead my ex on!I tell her I'm dating but she keeps insisting on being close friends.

I want to save serious relationships when I'm in college and what not.

But anyway is it normal for me to feeling regretful?

( I thought OK this sounds like she's talking to me) I ask who the guy was and she said " ill let you know if it works out" and then I ask what school he goes too and she said " no more questions i told you i will let you know" so then she asks me if I like anyone other then my girlfriend and I was like uhh no. And since I workout and track starts my girlfriend does track at my school since her school doesn't have one and she goes hey can I workout with you?

and I asked her if she likes anyone and she says you 2 guys. And I say "idk im not sure if im comfortable with that yet" and she agrees but the next day she happens to be there the same time I go and we end up working out together (btw if you are thinking I'm thinking of getting back together with her IM NOT!

But my ex is the type of girl that will make it seem like she likes you and then when you dump your girlfriend for her she leaves you with nothing) and now I'm just going crazy over the situation! All I hear is statuory rape or your pathetic or love is love. This is what I have been looking for Ok so I'm a Junior in High School now and recently started dating a Freshman girl. Then my ex who I dated last year when me and her were both sophomores decided to come back into the picture and apologize for the things she did/said to me and regrets the decisions she made. And now just she seems like a totally different person from what I remembered.