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Did you know that their are roughly 150 cemeteries scattered throughout the Great Smoky Mountains National Park?

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This story recounts the conception of Helen of Troy by the Queen of Sparta and Zeus, disguised as a swan. The water is so pure that the swans turn white, as do all their descendants.

The Nicaraguan poet Ruben Dario used the swan as inspiration. His use of the swan made it the symbol of the Modernismo poetic movement.

Works of classical literature reference the myth that otherwise mute swans sing beautifully at the moment of their death. Because of their lifelong, monogamous pairing, swans are often a symbol of never ending love. Many of his works feature them, including this passage from “As You Like It”: Our two brother swans arrived at the Inn on February 14.

Innkeeper John is contemplating the many clever names submitted by our guests.

The Great Smoky Mountain Association asks for your help in ensuring the preservation of these plots for future generations.