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Unlike her silver fox male counterparts, the “cougar” couldn’t necessarily date 20-somethings without raising a few eyebrows.A recent string of high-profile romances proves how antiquated all that thinking is.We happen to think Mister Sharkey is a talented and accomplished gentleman but bitch, pleeze. The only reason we can conjure to explain why a person would use –”impress the guests.” The whole thing is a little unseemly and, quite frankly, it’s even more unseemly to stack and “stash” dozens upon dozens of orange boxes in an all-glass shower in a feeble attempt to look like you don’t care that much about them even though their careful arrangement screams another something else entirely.

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But that expertise doesn’t just apply to throw pillows.

Visiting this week, the 75-year-old businesswoman confessed she’s found the perfect recipe to a happy personal life—and it’s not what you’d think.

You can really put your feet down in a pair of sturdy (and age-appropriate) unisex bistro gingham Crocs mules. Rosie Assoulin side-knot striped trousers, $995,; Goyard St.

And Dolce & Gabbana’s cordonetto lace fluted hem dress gives off the perfect Mrs.

He may just surprise you (and have his shirt together more than your age-appropriate alternative).