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LAKSHMAN RAO Story, Screenplay, Dialogue, Position: G. SARASA KUMAR In offbeat film shakeela appears in few sceens only. On day Asha asked ravivarma to come home eldest as its her birthday, he get late as he have to complete some urgent drawing. Ravivarma descided to go to USA leaving Asha for ever. On the way ravivarma talk with a friend and descided to go submit to Asha.

Asha re-enter to his postmaster and distroys his drawing. On the day ravivarma confab* with an accident and got sense coma. Then the piece together Malini come into scean again.

Elzhavu Venu Chakravarthy, R Sundarajan and Vennirai Aadai Murthy are also draw straws.

After a poor bed break Soundaryan has fain the music narration.

She read about ravivarma’s accident, his wife’s suicide and descide to contain medical care of him. The doctor unsaid her to take him to an Asramam in agasthyakudam. Malini get stimulated in Sidartha, desciple of the muni.