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Since then we were going back and forth him dragging me along and putting me on the back burner until i finally decided to stop contact. I am going through the same thing right now with my ex.

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Thank you for being such a strong role model and helping me to see my value and begun to love myself and put me first. I have experience this with a guy that I’ve dated and could not for the life of me understood how he could jump into a relationship so quickly without ending the relationship.

I haven’t seen or spoken to him in 30 days and am letting my actions speak for me. It is true about the family not knowing because his mom didn’t even know he was seeing someone else. He is now engaged to someone else and I felt a little down about it because everything just happened so fast. This post and others of yours have really helped as i deal with the break up of a 4 year relationship 4 months ago…

I lost myself in my relationship and catered to his every need always before myself.

Your site is a daily inspiration for me and has helped me from falling completely apart.

He showed up at a club I was at after we had split and not had contact in a dancing with another guy.a few days later, he’s made it known on his social media that he’s back with someone he dated way before meeting me…”I am so glad I found you…right person…right time” Only thing is…she’s my manager…granted I knew all along they were friends and kept in contact.