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The hotel looks like a cubist abstraction of a skyscraper, or make that a block of skyscrapers fused together and exiled.

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An iconoclast in black leg warmers and animal-print panties, he has challenged and indeed changed our ideas about race, sexuality, and animal-print panties.

Still, as I wait for the show to start, my excitement is tempered.

Its three incongruously named casinos—Casino of the Earth, Casino of the Sky, Casino of the Wind—contain nearly 6,000 slot machines and more than 300 gaming tables.

There are nightclubs, restaurants, a shopping mall, an indoor waterfall, and at least one man yelling into his phone that he’s “tapped out.” In a wide hallway leading to an arena, the song “Let’s Go Crazy” plays, heralding the opening of Prince’s three-night stand.

I’ve spent the last 25 years cherry-picking highlights from albums that could be ranked by the degree to which they disappoint.