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And this successfully update this entry in Global Directory Entries in IP Phone Globals section.But this does not applied to the actual phone directories.

polycom 501 error updating bootrom-18

I read in release note of system release R10.3.1 in Errata section that "The Update Directories action in the GUI does not properly update the directories for individual Polycomphones", I read this also in System release R10.5.0.

And as a second point , when I manually update the entry for each IP phone using Other Directory Entries tab in Ip Phone Config section and reboot the phone, the updates reflected successfully in the phone.

Use the tools you got for free with the system you bought.

If that doesn't help you, then open a case with ININ you pay for support.

So instead of manually applied the update in each phone , I need a way to update Directories if not in GUI "as stated in Errata of system release" ,can we update it using command line.?

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