Kingwood dating

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Kingwood dating

It is of the type of quality of the early Victorian wheel barometers, the engraved dial with wide open divisions and simple decorative cartouche to the middle.

Dimensions: 38 ½" (962.5mm) x 9 "(243.75mm) Ref 1537 SOLD A mahogany mercury wheel barometer with black & white stringing to edge, swan neck pediment, hygrometer, thermometer, mirror, 8" dial engraved with flourishing script ‘ P Edmence Engraver, London’ and level plate.

A mahogany veneered case of traditional form and re-polished, circa 1820.

39" x 10 ¼" please e-mail or phone us for price and delivery options Ref 1432 SOLD A large Victorian mercury wheel barometer with 12" hand engraved silvered dial, with cartouche centre, and thermometer, veneered with flame mahogany in original rich coloured polish. Ref 1447 SOLD An 8" dial mercury wheel barometer in a burr walnut case with applied sea scroll design, top sea scroll carved leaf and acanthus leaf carving to base, small carving between dial and thermometer.

This barometer has a replacement finial, pateraes, hygrometer, mirror, level bezel and mercury tube but retains original polish. Dimension: 37 ½" x 10" Ref 1538 SOLD A traditional 8" dial mercury wheel barometer in figured mahogany veneered cased with black & white stringing to edge, some slight un-evenness to the veneered case.